The Alexander Technique is mindfulness in motion. One of the first western methods to address mind-body integration, the Alexander Technique continues to provide an dynamic means of managing stress through increased self awareness. The added benefit of the Technique includes improvement of natural poise and flexibility while giving you the practice to bring your increasing awareness into all of your daily activities.

As a re-educational process based upon mind-body integration, the Alexander Technique is well suited to people of all ages and walks of life. The Technique helps to alleviate the effects of stress, contributing a increased sense of health and well being throughout your daily activities—at home, at work and at play.

The Alexander Technique is taught experientially, one-on-one, in private half-hour lessons. It is not a system of exercise that teaches you something to 'do', but a means to bring more practical intelligence and pleasure into what you are already doing.

Dressed in comfortable clothing, you are guided through a variety of simple activities such as standing, sitting and lying down. With the direction of an experienced teacher, you learn to recognize and redirect patterns of unnecessary muscular tension that may result in bad posture, chronic back, neck or shoulder pain, thereby indirectly reactivating the natural anti-gravity response that co-ordinates and sustains us with ease throughout daily activities.

Preventive in scope, the Alexander Technique has gained recent popularity in addressing the effects of stress from ‘civilized’ living. Through self-awareness and choice, this process of self-discovery changes the kinesthetic ‘tone’ of your reaction patterns, showing how to integrate a new refinement in thought and sensation including:

Reduce Stress in Daily Activities
Improve Posture & Co-ordination
Help to Relieve Chronic Pain
Aid in Preventing Injuries & Fatigue
Enhance Performance Skills
(i.e. dancing, singing, playing a musical instrument, martial arts, athletics)
Greater Sense of Health & Well Being

The Alexander Technique remains unique in approach by recognizing the need to enhance an individual's general co-ordination as an indirect and lasting means for counteracting the effects of chronic back pain, repetitive strain injury, stress-induced breathing problems, neck, jaw and shoulder stiffness and related conditions of mis-use.

A series of thirty lessons is recommended as a beginning study in the Alexander Technique. Your first fifteen lessons are best taken as closely together as possible. These initial lessons work to address the lifetime of habits we repeat unconsciously many times daily. After the first fifteen lessons most people maintain Alexander Technique lessons on a weekly basis as continuing refinement.

There is a wealth of knowledge available about coping with stress through the Alexander Technique — in print, video and over the internet! To learn more and to schedule lessons call:
(217) 344-5274.

Mindfulness in Motion