New Favorites

Alexander's Way
by Alexander Murray, edited by Rose M. Bronec & Andrew Putnam McCann
Using F.M. Alexander’s own words and the remembrances of those who knew him best, Alexander’s Way retraces Alexander’s steps: from his earliest days as an actor and teacher of elocution and the Delsarte Method in 1890s Australia to the development of his own teaching and unique hands-on ability in London in the years before World War I. Click photo to order.

Living the Alexander Technique
by Ruth Rootberg
A wonderful resource for Alexander Technique students, teachers, and anyone who seeks models of aging with dignity and passion.Nine distinguished teachers of the Alexander Technique speak with Ruth Rootberg about their lives, their work, and their approach to using their Alexander skills as they face aging, loss of loved ones, and the challenges of illness and injury. With over 400 years of combined teaching experience, they reveal how the Alexander Technique provides a dependable pathway to meet the ongoing challenges of daily living. Click photo to order.

Old Favorites

The Use of the Self
by F. Matthias Alexander

Body Learning: An Introduction to the Alexander Technique
by Michael Gelb

Freedom To Change: The Development and Science of
the Alexander Technique
by Frank Pierce Jones


Frederick Matthias Alexander - A Family History
by Jackie Evans
Review by Rose Bronec

The Expanding Self
by Goddard Binkley


Not to 'Do'
by Fiona Robb

Taking Time - Six Interviews with First Generation Teachers
by Crissman Taylor & Carmen Tarnowski


Thinking Aloud: Talks on the Alexander Technique
by Walter Carrington, Mornum Time Press

Curiosity Recaptured: Exploring Ways We Think and Move
edited by Jerry Sontag, Mornum Time Press

Practice Makes Perfect

The Art of Swimming: in a new direction with the Alexander Technique
by Steven Shaw & Armand D’Angour

Indirect Procedures: A Musician’s Guide to the Alexander Technique
by Pedro de Alcantara

The Art of Running with the Alexander Technique
by Malcom Balk & Andrew Shields


The Alexander Birth Book:
A Guide to Better Pregnancy, Natural Birth and Parenthood
by Ilana Machover


Direction Journal - a Journal on the Alexander Technique
edited by Paul Cook


Mornumtime Press
Jerry Sontag
Specializing in books on education, with its first six titles focusing on the F. M. Alexander Technique

Mouritz Publishing
J. Fischer
Specialist Publisher of books on the Alexander Technique

These titles and many more are available through:
American Society for the Alexander Technique (AmSAT)

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