Teacher Training

Would you like to become a teacher of the Alexander Technique?

We encourage you to plan a visit to our training course and join in the daily routine for a day or more. Arrangements can be made by calling us at the contact number below to schedule a mutually convenient time. There is no charge to attend the course, but we would suggest you also plan on having a lesson with each of the Directors during your visit. Usual lesson fees do apply.

For more information on training at Alexander Technique Urbana-curriculum, daily schedule and costs, you may download the following .pdf file:

ATU: Professional Training Brochure (48K) .pdf

Post-Graduate Enhancement

ATU welcomes Alexander Teachers who are looking for a refresher and the opportunity to immerse yourself in the training atmosphere. The twin cities of Champaign-Urbana are a wonderful place with visit with reasonably priced accommodations, lots of good food - again reasonably priced, and plenty of cultural activities in the midst of the main campus of the University of Illinois.

Visits to the training course are $35/day.

Alexander Technique Urbana is certified by the

American Society for the Alexander Technique (AmSAT)

to offer the highest, worldwide standards in teacher training.

All AmSAT-approved teacher training courses provide:

• 1600 hours of class instruction over three years
• A five-to-one student/teacher ratio

To maintain the highest training standards, an AmSAT peer-review panel evaluates and approves directors of teacher training courses that apply to head AmSAT training courses. The panel reapproves each training course every three years.

We look forward to talking with you about teacher training.

Please contact us by calling 217-344-5274.

Think Smart, Function with Ease


For the last three and a half years of patient and intuitive guidance, I thank you. For years to come with greater ease and less pain, I thank you. And for the prospect of growing old that is hopeful rather than frightening as it once was, 

I most sincerely thank you. Most of all, I thank you for the skills to give another even a small part of what you have given me. 

~ Joi Hoffsommer, 2010 ATU Graduate & Actor